10 Steps To Do Before Moving To Ease The Process And Reduce Stress

10 Steps To Do Before Moving To Ease The Process And Reduce Stress

Moving day can be stressful, but with little advance planning and preparation, the process can go more smoothly. The following ten actions will help you prepare for your move and guarantee it goes smoothly.

Inform your existing landlord that you will be leaving.

According to Dubai’s property rules, a tenant must notify the landlord that they do not want to extend their lease and want to move out at least 90 days before it expires.

It would be a good idea to inform them as well if you obtained your present rental agreement through a Dubai real estate agency, as they will undoubtedly be a tremendous assistance when it comes time to move. And most likely be able to assist you in finding your new Dubai flat for purchase or villa for rent.

Restore the current apartment or villa to its prior state

Many tenants in Dubai are unaware that the rule that once required that all property be returned in its original condition has changed. In actuality, it is no longer required of tenants to restore a unit to its pre-move-in condition.

Good tenants will, however, make sure the place is in good shape before leaving and may want to patch any holes, paint over them, and fix any damaged doorknobs, handles, or bannisters.

Change your Internet provider

Check again which Internet service provider (ISP) is being used in your new neighbourhood or building first. Some people are already connected to du or Etisalat. You can transfer or upgrade your package if you already have service from the same provider. If not, you must delete your old account and open a new one with the associated ISP.

Make a checklist for moving

A great method to remember all that needs to be done before moving day is to make a moving checklist. You can maintain organisation and set priorities thanks to it. Make a list of everything that has to be done, including utility transfers, hiring moving company, and packing.

Reserve early

Make reservations in advance if you plan to employ moving services, rent items, or hire contractors to work on your home, such as painters or cleaners. If it’s prime moving season, waiting could result in spending more or not being able to find a truck or movers in Dubai at all.

Purchase a vehicle with a loading ramp.

A truck with a ramp is an absolute must for do-it-yourself movers. The difficulty (and struggle) of lifting every box and piece of furniture high enough to fit it into the truck can add hours—as well as aching muscles—to your move, even though renting a truck without one may be less expensive.

Tape the moving boxes firmly.

Close the bottom and top seams with a few pieces of tape before applying one of the moving professionals’ tricks and making a few wraps all the way around the box’s top and bottom edges, which are particularly vulnerable.

Pack the kitchen with extra care when relocating.

There are many various kinds of items that go into packing the kitchen. Find out how to pack dishes before moving: Wrap each dish in packing paper before grouping five or six dishes together. Never pack dishes flat; always on their sides. Additionally, put a lot of paper that has been crumpled up below and above. Paper can be used as a divider between cups and bowls when bundling three or four of them together. Place everything within dish barrel boxes.

Use a box with cardboard dividers to assist preserve the glasses while packing them for a move, and wrap them in numerous layers of paper to further protect them.

Eliminate Clutter and Donate Items

An good time to purge clutter and get rid of useless items is when you move. Examine your possessions and dispose of whatever you don’t use or need by selling it or donating it. It will ease moving and packing while also lowering your overall moving expenses.

Prepare Your Packing Materials

Make sure you have all the tools you’ll need for packing, including boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and packing paper. Organise your supplies to make them accessible and simple to locate.

10 Steps To Do Before Moving To Ease The Process And Reduce Stress

Color-Code and Label Boxes

When unpacking at your new home, labelling and color-coding your boxes can reduce stress and save time. For each area, choose a different colour, and note the contents of each box. It will be simpler to unpack and put things in the right spot.

Inform Service Providers and Utility Companies

Inform your cable and internet providers, as well as your utility companies, of your impending move. Make plans for the transfer or disconnection of your utilities on the day of the move.

Inform the Post Office and Change Your Address

Update your address with any pertinent businesses, including your bank, credit card provider, and insurers, as well as the post office. Your mail will be delivered to your new address as a result.

Determine Furniture Size and Location

Plan where you want your furniture to go in your new house by measuring it. On moving day, it will save time and effort and guarantee that everything fits in its new location.

Prepare a box with necessities

The things you will need right away when you get to your new house, such toiletries, prescription drugs, and a change of clothes, should go in an essentials box. On your first night in your new house, you won’t have to spend time digging through boxes.

Take pictures of priceless items

Before packing up expensive objects like jewellery and artwork, take pictures of them. If they are damaged during the relocation, it will assist you in determining their condition and could be helpful for insurance reasons.

Verify the moving company’s moving day information.

With your moving company, confirm the specifics of the move, including the time and destination. Ascertain their contact details so you can reach them in case of problems or delays.

Moving can be difficult, but you can make it simpler and less stressful with the right planning and preparation. These ten suggestions will help you be prepared for moving day and make your relocation successful.

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